Saturday, October 8, 2016

Ep 34 - Song 1: "Under the Radar" by CW Smith

"CW Smith writes, records and performs original electric and acoustic rock, drawing inspiration from his love of rock and popular music of the 20th century. He writes about love, family, work, faith and doubt, road construction, the joy of music, and writer's block.
- from his Facebook page

"Utility musician CW Smith plays over a dozen different string, percussion and wind instruments, and has a vocal range that stretches from a deep baritone well up into the alto range. CW has been composing music since 1979, and recording since 1986. His songs are inspired by his love of family; his deep appreciation for the rock, folk, reggae, blues and jazz music of the 20th century; and his profound joy in helping people have a good time through music.

"CW Smith has lived in and around central Iowa all his life, and has recorded almost all of his music there. His latest CD, "Blonde and Sweet," was released in June 2016. You can purchase his CDs at his performances .. at his online store .. or purchase digital downloads at"
- from his ReverbNation page

CW Smith - guitar, vocals

Photo by Brien Keairns
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