Sunday, September 18, 2016

Ep 33 - Song 5: "King of the Devil's Highway" by The Other Brothers, plus Lorenz Inez on Chad Taylor (special extra: The Other Brothers' cover of Kanye West's "Golddigger")
Chad Taylor brought a much needed voice of criticism and controversy to Our Fair City. Maybe because he wasn't a musician, he was unafraid to say the Emperor has no clothes. Now to be fair, he was and is an enthusiastic supporter of "the scene" in general and his favorite artists--we were lucky to be one of those.

He was also responsible for our first recording: this "cover" of Kanye West's "gold digger".

Here's his favorite from the new album, King of the Devil's Highway...
- from Lorenz Inez for this podcast

"Clark has never been a patient person, a trait that shows on stage, giving Other Brothers shows a feeling of manic immediacy, a feeling that is reflected in “Live at Gas Lamp”...

"Clark is a songwriter who never lacks for material. Coming up with enough new songs to fill an album was the least of the band’s worries. Once the trio had the songs rehearsed and ready to go, Clark saw no reason to wait, even though the last album was only 3 months old.

“'I don’t know how most bands sit on material,' he admitted. 'I know some local musicians who sat on stuff for years. I couldn’t do that, dude; it would drive me nuts.'"
- from Chad Taylor in Cityview

Eli Clark - vocals, guitar
Larry Enos - bass
Jason Kadiwhompus - drums


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