Saturday, July 23, 2016

Ep 31 - Song 4: "Invest in This" by Soul Sherpa

"Soul Sherpa is a band based out of Cedar Rapids Iowa that delivers some serious groove. With music ranging anywhere from originals to covers of modern pop.

"Soul Sherpa was pieced together from the remains of members of a jazz combo from Kirkwood Community College. After playing music with each other daily, there was such an indescribable connection that we just couldn't leave behind. Having similar inspirations and aspirations, Soul Sherpa emerged.

"We strive to bring the groove from our hearts to the audience, playing a mixture of R&B, Funk, Pop, Jazz, and Soul music."
- from their Facebook page

Ian Draves - Bass
Shawn Fliger - Keyboards, Vocals
Casper Huggins - Guitar
Lukas Jack - Drums
Hank Welter - Reeds
Casey Schultz - Reeds, Keyboards



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