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Ep 31 - Song 1: "Why Me" by Dominique Morgan

"Dominique Morgan is a native son to Omaha, NE. He began to construct his first mixtape project,at the time tentatively titled The King of Queens in 2010. As time went on The King of Queens became more of a moniker than a project title but he still recorded and wrote for what would be the first release from an OUT gay artist in the Midwest and more importantly the independent label Icon One Music. Flash forward to 2011, Dominique won Performer of the Year from Brainstorm Promotions one of the largest LGBT promotions company in the Midwest and is prepping to release his debut project A Thin Line Between Love&Hate. Dominique explains this project as a journal of sorts, telling the tales of his experiences in relationships the good, the bad and the ugly. From the pulse pounding My First Love to the hip-hop influenced I Wish You Loved Me A Thin Line Between Love&Hate is every bit a reflection of who Dominique Morgan is as artist , complex, sincere and soulful."
- from the Omaha Night Out Guide web site

"R&B and soul singer-songwriter Dominique Morgan, 33, has emerged as an urban music force with multiple Omaha Entertainment and Arts Awards nominations for his Love Chronicles album.

"His tunes of love and loss come from personal experience: an abusive relationship, homophobia, both parents passing, incarceration.

"Alfonzo Lee Jones, founder-president of Icon One Music, the local label Morgan records on, says the artist has 'absolute determination.'

"Music is Morgan’s passion and sustenance. When he bravely came out at 14, he leaned on music for solace.

"'It was an important part of my secret life. I spent a lot of time in my room listening to music.'

"'No one knew this was my salvation, this was my safe space,' Morgan says. 'I was very closeted about music. I didn’t sing in front of people. But I had this desire to perform. I wrote songs in a notebook I hid under my bed. I was just very insecure and being a performer is the ultimate exposure.'"
- from Leo Adam Biga's My Inside Stories

"'I’m gonna be so honest with you right now it will piss…you…off. I started writing music at seven. Music just comes to me. I don’t read music. The shit just happens and I just go with it and I just go with it ‘til I can’t go anymore.'"
- from Greg Jerett's article in Omaha Magazine

Photograph by Bill Sitzmann


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Ep 31 - Song 2: "Are You Ready" by The Candymakers

"The Candymakers are a Rock N' Soul band with the traditions of old-school R&B and,funk. This young band offers a sound that is contemporary, yet keeps the essence of music past. Though the band is known for its soulful male vocalist, it is anchored by the collaborative genius of its blues driven guitarist and funky rhythm section. Often joined by a rotating cast of horn players and vocalists, the band can be seen with up to 12 members on stage."
- from their home page

"The Candymakers will whet your pallet with a tasty mix of Funk, Soul & Blues tunes that will have you up on your feet! With a wide range of musical appeal, The Candymakers offer a sound that is contemporary, yet keeps the essence of old-school groove bands of musics' past.

"Although emulating the many talents of artists such as Ben Harper, Aretha Franklin & BB King, it's important to the band to produce an original sound that keeps fans craving more. The culmination of this group is a mix of automatic musical chemistry, as well as an abundance of talent and technique. Though the band is well known for their strong and soulful vocals, they are anchored by the keyboard and percussionists robust and funky grooves. While their sultry horn and the collaborative genius of their full-flavored blues driven guitarists add even more depth to the Candymakers equation."
- from their ReverbNation page

Al Sweet - Vocals
Randy Leasman - Bass
Bret Dale - Guitar
Michael Miller - Percusion
Andrew Ross - Drums
Nick Vasquez - Keyboards

Home page:



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Ep 31 - Song 3:"Spirit of Love" by Sophia Landis

"Sophia is a singer/songwriter from Northeast Iowa. Her sound blends the strength of her voice with soulful piano and Native American flutes. Her lyrics send a message of compassion and encouragement. Sophia uses her music to uplift her audience and connect with her listeners in a very intimate yet powerful way. The musical baring of her soul will leave you feeling inspired and full of love."
- from her home page

"I started my musical journey with piano lessons at age three. The singing came naturally and the rest is history. Thank you to all who have helped me over the last couple decades to bring me where I am today! Still, I know this is only beginning. Peace, love, joy!"
- from her Facebook page

"I have been singing and playing piano for over 20 years. Inspiring love and strength with my music is what makes my dreams come true."
- from her ReverbNation page

Sophia Landis - piano, vocals
Home page:




Ep 31 - Extra 1: Videos of The Dick Danger Band

"Top forty R&B band booking now!"
- from their Facebook page



Ep 31 - Song 4: "Invest in This" by Soul Sherpa

"Soul Sherpa is a band based out of Cedar Rapids Iowa that delivers some serious groove. With music ranging anywhere from originals to covers of modern pop.

"Soul Sherpa was pieced together from the remains of members of a jazz combo from Kirkwood Community College. After playing music with each other daily, there was such an indescribable connection that we just couldn't leave behind. Having similar inspirations and aspirations, Soul Sherpa emerged.

"We strive to bring the groove from our hearts to the audience, playing a mixture of R&B, Funk, Pop, Jazz, and Soul music."
- from their Facebook page

Ian Draves - Bass
Shawn Fliger - Keyboards, Vocals
Casper Huggins - Guitar
Lukas Jack - Drums
Hank Welter - Reeds
Casey Schultz - Reeds, Keyboards



Ep 31 - Song 5: "Beautiful Girls Put Yo Handz Up" by Polo Bandz

"im hungry young ready for what ever thats coming I'm from the south grow up in the midwest now working on being the best i can be in this music game"
- from his SoundCloud page



Ep 31 - Extra 2: Videos of Faculty Lounge

"Funkin' up Des Moines since 2000!

"Faculty Lounge started on Beggar's Night in the fall of 2000, with founding member David Maxwell's decision to pick up the bass. From there, he, drummer Mark Stallman and guitarist Timm Pilcher set the groove that would later become Des Moines' premier ten-piece, horn-driven, all-teacher, multi-hyphenated old-school funk machine!

"And now ...

"Faculty Lounge quickly became a local favorite, winning the Polk City Battle of the Bands on their first outing. Since then, they have been featured at the Des Moines Arts Fest, Valley Junction Farmers Market, Ingersoll LIVE!, the Cedar Rapids Freedom Fest Balloon Glow and numerous other venues. They have received extensive coverage in the Des Moines Register, Cityview, Juice and Datebook, and were named as one of Des Moines best bands in Cityview's Best Of Des Moines. Former Iowa Governor Chet Culver named them "The Official Funk Band of Iowa", and they have been featured in an award-winning 4 1/2-minute piece on WHO Channel 13, Faculty Lounge is Des Moines' premier ten-piece, horn-driven, all-teacher, multi-hyphenated old school funk machine!

"They have played for tens of thousands, including Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey, opened for George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, and continue to TEACH you how to get down!"
- from their home page

Dana Andrews - Trumpet, guitar, keyboards, flute, soprano saxophone, jug, vocals
Anna Lee - Trombone, keyboards, vocals
David Maxwell - Bass, vocals
Shawn McFarland - Sound
Timm Pilcher - Guitar, vocals
Aaron Smith - Lead vocals
Mark Stallman - Drums
Kelli Stoa - Saxophone, keyboards, vocals
Joanne Tubbs - Trumpet, keyboards, vocals
Ryan Williamson - Lead vocals, congas

Hone page:


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Ep 31 - Song 6 - "Too High" (radio version) by SP3

"In its short life, just shy of 2 years, SP3 has stormed the Midwest scene with their funky dance feel with fluttering digital elements, incredibly loyal fan base and keen ability to chameleon individual shows, fitting any listening audience...

"In late 2012, California native Steven Pellow hand selected a group of experienced, talented musicians from regional Midwest acts in effort to create a new, well-rounded, eclectic combination by the name of SP3. Evan Cokeley, Kyle Gowin, and Brandon Haynes, together with Steven Pellow and featuring Cecil White have created a 'blues influenced digital funk' sound. Performing both originals and mash-up covers, SP3 brings a new wave of eccentricity to the Midwest music scene.

"The group has lit up the stage of prominent Iowa venues such as Wooly’s, 7 Flags Event Center and Val Air Ballroom, with performances spanning from intimate gatherings to expansive audiences. SP3 has entertained thousands of runners during the Hy-Vee-Drake marathon, contributed to a fundraising benefit for Historic Valley Junction, and graced the stage as supporting opening act for The Little River Band, in addition to a multitude of live concerts for their ever growing fan base."
- from their Shotgun Mgmt page

Steve Pellow - vocals, guitar
Evan Cokeley - drums
Brandon Haynes - bassist



Ep 31 - Song 7: "I'm So Sorry" by Dustin Smith

"I am a songwriter and musician from Des Moines, Iowa. I lead a band called The Maytags and collaborate with a collective of awesome musicians."
- from his Facebook page

"I wanted to play drums when I was in fourth grade, but my parents made me play piano for a year. So I did that for a year and I got my first drum set in fifth grade. I played drums all through middle school, played with some rock and roll bands and did Lenny Kravitz and Smash Mouth covers and stuff like that.

"When I was in high school, I was never in band, but I played with the show choirs and stuff like that. I started studying jazz as a drummer when I was in high school with a lady named Suzie Muze, and then I ended up taking that out to New York and I studied jazz for four years at City College.

"I started writing songs somewhere in the middle of all that. My dad always had lots of guitars laying around and I kind of taught myself – I think when I was a junior or senior. I got some good tips and advice from him. I always thought of songwriting as kind of a pastime, and I never took it as seriously as I did studying jazz and playing drums out in New York. But eventually one day, I started playing a lot more shows and playing gigs with my songs, and I feel like that’s kind of where it is today."
- from an interview with Waylon Sternhagen on the Hip Hip Hoorames website

Dustin Smith: Vocals, guitar, banjo, steel drum
Nick Leo: Rhodes and pedal steel guitar
Eric Krieger: Bass
Joel Gettys: Drums
Tim Sanders: Clarinet and tenor sax
Ryan Mullin: Cajon
Paige Harpin: Vocals
Tina Haas Findley: Vocals
Garrison Lynch: Vocals

Photo by Joey Leaming



Ep 31 - Song 8: "Betsy" (live and acoustic) by Ladysoal

"Ladysoal’s roots spring from the unlikely town of Ames, Iowa. Proving success comes to those who chase after it with all abandon, the band has enjoyed acclaim from fans and critics alike, from Iowa to Denmark and everywhere in between. Aside from a live show schedule that never quits, Ladysoal independently released their first EP, “I am Here,” along with music videos for the singles 'Sunshine' and 'That Girl.'

"Ladysoal delivers an eclectic sound, riddled with traces of each member’s sonic past. Whether on stage or in the studio, they never fail to bring all they’ve got. To witness Ladysoal live is to join them on a musical journey, indulging the senses with only one command: dance! Their energy is infectious - transferring from stage to crowd and back again, keeping fans moving like the pistons of a well-oiled engine.

"More than mere entertainment, Ladysoal uses their chosen medium to deliver positive messages, notably of tolerance and understanding towards and within the LGBT community. This advocacy is not for show, but rather reflects the true character of each member of the band. By choosing to do more with their fame than simply attain wealth, Ladysoal stands as ambassadors of hope for those whose voices cannot be heard."
- from their ReverbNation page

"The story of Ladysoal is complex with a simple idea. From a very young age Sharika knew she wanted to be a performer -- she played any and every instrument her parents would put in front of her. She eventually realized her passion was playing the guitar and singing, so she moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue her dreams. After 3 years she was performing as a background singer in California for Chione (a london based group), Angie Stone, and other artists on MIG records, a Los Angeles based record label. From there, Sharika decided she was tired of standing in the background and was ready to start her own project and moved back to Iowa where she eventually met Mike Meier.

"Mike Meier went to school at Colo-Nesco High School in Iowa. Before going into hish school Mike got his first guitar as a birthday gift from his parents. From there it sat around for about 5 months before Mike really tried to learn how to play. Once Mike was in high school he began doing such things as playing with his youth group worship band. He then started his first band with some friend from church. This was very short lived due to the other members of the band moving out of town. Mike then started playing the guitar with his high school chorus class. After high school Mike began looking for people who really wanted to play music. Mike spent most of his time jamming with any body who would play with him. After a year of living away from his parents, he started a band called The Never End.

"The Never End played some small shows periodically. This was around the same time that Mike first met Sharika. Their first encounter was by chance, where Mike was playing music at his apartment with a friend and Sharika stopped in. It was this meeting that sparked a new found interest in Mike and Sharika playing together. After only a few jam sessions, Sharika asked Mike to fill in for her guitar player that was unable to make it to one of her shows. Mike did so, and has been a part of Ladysoal since then.

"Ladysoal's permanent members consist of just these two, but they consistently bring in new members in order to create a fresh, new sound with every song they write. This makes their sound hard to pin down to any one genre. But with Sharika's soulful voice and Mike's pop-rock guitar riffs, this group continues awing listeners every day. With the current self-released "Ladysoal EP" they are currently label shopping with the idea of releasing a full length album, in the near future."
- from their OurStage profile

"No one in Ames sings quite like Sharika. She brings a raw, no-holds barred, full-throated vocal power that is uncompromising. She also has the soul singer’s instinct for finding blue notes and playing with the melodies, as on “Low” and “Insecure”. Sharika’s presence during live shows emphasizes the fierceness of her voice and her persona.

'And then there’s the band. The drummer James Doxon (who is also my close friend and musical collaborator) and the bassist Mallory Crain lay down a tight groove that really propels the songs. There’s a reason Sharika dances so hard during Ladysoal shows: her band makes an irresistible beat.

"The ensemble is filled out by Mike Meier, whose guitar licks brilliantly echo the heartache in the vocals and whose solid blues riffs provide the band with a crunchy rock sound. Mike’s playing really reverberates with Sharika’s style; she calls him 'the twinkle.'"
- from a Nate Logsdon review in Ames Progressive

Sharika Sawer - vocals
Mike Meier - guitar
Mallory Crain - bass
James Doxon - drums



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