Saturday, June 18, 2016

Ep 30 - Song 7: "Suspect Sound" by Unidentified Suspects

"In 2001, Richard DeFrancisco, Michael Microwavedeth Cooper, and myself made a rap record. (Jason McFall joined us for an hour one day after driving 3 hours from Minneapolis, did really nothing, then drove 3 hours back.)... It's not my intention to live in the past by posting this, and may actually be cause for a little embarrassment. But if this stands as my only contribution to Des Moines music, I think I at least want it to live on on via the internet. At the time we were a "band" or "group" whatever you want to call it and we made this record (about 13 years ago, woof) - the musical climate was very different than it is today in this city. There was an abundance of metal and punk. Our desire to set ourselves apart sent US in the extreme opposite direction. We surprised ourselves at what were creating and were given a lot of encouragement by many who heard it. We ended up putting together some songs centered around a violent, Forensic Files-esque theme. Richard and Solly made some of very sinister and haunting beats, while Michael wrote some pretty complex and bouncy hooks which in turn birthed our ominous sound. The 4 or 5 sessions we spent up at Junior's Motel (recording studio - so much history there!) are some of my fondest memories. Ourselves and Kirk were basically figuring it all out as we went along. Things were awkward at first but after we started smoking un-godly amounts of pot together, this is what came out. Not to suck ourselves off, but I will say for it's time it was unique in content and quality. Not too shabby for some teenagers with very limited experience. This band's time has certainly passed and I have all but hung up my rhyming shoes. But not wanting to be completely forgotten, I present (for the first time digitally) the first and only full length Unidentified Suspects ever did. If you are so inclined to, it is completely FREE for download which also contains a bonus track not included on the original release. I don't like to live in the past, but I certainly can't forget it either....especially since I have SUSPECT tattooed across my stomach that stares me in the face every single day."
- from Brian Campos's Facebook page

Music Written By: Richard DeFrancisco & Solomon Moss
All Lyrics Written By: Michael Cooper, Brian Campos, & Richard DeFrancisco
Mixed By: Richard DeFrancisco & Michael Cooper
Engineered By: Kirk Kaufman

To download (right click and hit "Save as..."):


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