Friday, May 20, 2016

Ep 29 - Song 4: "Keep On" by The Maytags

"Iowa might not be the first place that comes to mind when music fans think of classic soul and rock and roll, but that might change once they hear The Maytags."
- from Waylon Sternhagen in the the Iowa State Daily article "Shining bright: The Maytags release 'Nova""

"Detroit. Memphis. Philly. These are the cities that are usually affiliated with soul music. But soul comes with all kinds of accents, Midwestern ones included. And in Des Moines, Dustin Smith and his band, The Maytags, are making a brand of soul that’s all their own."
- from their BandCamp page

"The members of the Maytags — Dustin Smith, Andy Poppen, Tim Sanders, Nick Leo, Ben Chappell, Daniel Kreipke, Sam Mogerman — have been playing together off-and-on, in various iterations, for years, and you can tell...

"The Maytags are known for a new spin on soul, or as their website says, 'making a brand of soul that’s all their own.' Smith attributes that to a sense of freedom he finds in playing soul and jazz in the Midwest. 'I spent some time out in New York,' he says. 'I went to school out there and studied music … Being in Des Moines, and being in Iowa in general, there’s a sense of having an open canvas … not bound to as many expectations.'"
- from Genevieve Heinrich in the Little Village article "The Maytags finally make it to Iowa City"

Dustin Smith / Lead Vox, Guitar
Nick Leo / Keys
Andy Poppen / Trumpet, Vox
Tim Sanders / Tenor Sax, Vox
Sam Mogerman / Drums
Daniel Kreipke / Bass
Ben Chappell / Lead Guitar, Vox
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