Monday, December 21, 2015

Ep 23 - Song 2: "I Hate Christmas" by Lesbian Poetry

"my feelings about these songs are best summed up by 1000 multi-colored heart emojis" -katie b. (free cake for every creature)
- from their Facebook page

Rice-a-roni. Butts. Kissing. Lesbian Poetry is hard to define because Lesbian Poetry means a little something different to everyone.

I’ve seen Elliot play more times than I can probably count. The first time I ever listened to Elliot’s music was on his couch in 2009, and he offered me some cereal and we didn’t talk at all. Later, I watched Elliot sing songs a cappella in his backyard with hunnies and fellas floating in the pool behind him. I’ve seen Elliot on a 625-acre farm in Eastern Iowa, unblinkingly rejecting the stage and sound system. With his voice out-loud and arms tied awkwardly behind his back, he stopped hearts with his even-paced drawl against the Iowa countryside. Aided by bare instrumentation, Elliot’s songs read as poems or folk tales. His songs have an amazing sense of humor and life that the listener feels like they’re chatting with an old friend or maybe even someone they kissed at a party once. And sometimes they’re profoundly sad. And that’s okay.

Many of us know and love Elliot Burke, the main brains behind the operation that is Lesbian Poetry, but he’s very earnest about involving other Iowa musicians in his musical efforts. He’s currently playing with Luke and Wesley Belknap, who are both involved in their own musical pursuits in Iowa. He toured last summer with Little Ruckus, playing solo stuff but always excited to strum along to Dom’s tunes with his acoustic guitar and sweat-power grin. In the past, he’s been so down for whatever that he picked up his trumpet and toured the country with Mumford’s. Something about Elliot’s spirit makes him a natural third or twelfth member to any band.

Please please please, listen to Elliot’s stories. There’s nothing but hits in his discography. From the oldies but goodies like “You Want to Fuck Her Again” and “Wine and Cheese” to literally any song on Lo-Fi Country for the Whole Family, you will find something – a single line or a chorus – that will resonate with you as entirely true. And if you drop him a line, Elliot will definitely play a show in your backyard or local pizza parlor or jungle gym. That’s what Lesbian Poetry is to me.
- from The Des Moines Music Coalition piece by Zoey Miller




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