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Ep 23 - Song 1: "My Song About Why I Don't Do Christmas Songs" by John Burns

In the fall of 1972, during my junior year of high school, I sat down at the Cable-Nelson piano in the basement of my parents' house and laboriously penned my first song, "Last Airport Home." A few days later, I wrote another, and then another -- and then another. . .

I never stopped.

Then, in January, 1976 I played a borrowed Wurlitzer electric piano at the Wakonda Country Club on Des Moines' South Side with a band called Now and Then. That was my first professional gig. On Halloween Night of that year, I got a call from the legendary Baby Lester in Omaha, beckoning me to join him on the road as a member of Baby Lester and the Buggybumpers. I followed him to Odebolt, Iowa, Independence, Missouri (twice), Fayetteville, Arkansas, Worthington, Minnesota, Albuquerque, Abilene, Atchison, Kansas, Buffalo, Wyoming, Tiffin, Ohio, Pierre, South Dakota, Indianapolis, Wilkesboro, North Carolina, Green Lake, Wisconsin, Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, Humboldt, Iowa and, yes, Kokomo. I'd like to say I never stopped playing.

Okay, there were a few stops and starts from time to time -- but I'm playing NOW!!

And, yes, I am the brother of marathon champion Mary Burns-Prine, owner of the Women Runners Website and author of The 2008 Women Runners' DAILY JOURNAL & CALENDAR. But I'm determined to make it on the quality of my songwriting, rather than my sister's celebrity, so I pretty much try to keep it a secret. How's that, Mary?

- from his home page

Home page:


Ep 23 - Song 2: "I Hate Christmas" by Lesbian Poetry

"my feelings about these songs are best summed up by 1000 multi-colored heart emojis" -katie b. (free cake for every creature)
- from their Facebook page

Rice-a-roni. Butts. Kissing. Lesbian Poetry is hard to define because Lesbian Poetry means a little something different to everyone.

I’ve seen Elliot play more times than I can probably count. The first time I ever listened to Elliot’s music was on his couch in 2009, and he offered me some cereal and we didn’t talk at all. Later, I watched Elliot sing songs a cappella in his backyard with hunnies and fellas floating in the pool behind him. I’ve seen Elliot on a 625-acre farm in Eastern Iowa, unblinkingly rejecting the stage and sound system. With his voice out-loud and arms tied awkwardly behind his back, he stopped hearts with his even-paced drawl against the Iowa countryside. Aided by bare instrumentation, Elliot’s songs read as poems or folk tales. His songs have an amazing sense of humor and life that the listener feels like they’re chatting with an old friend or maybe even someone they kissed at a party once. And sometimes they’re profoundly sad. And that’s okay.

Many of us know and love Elliot Burke, the main brains behind the operation that is Lesbian Poetry, but he’s very earnest about involving other Iowa musicians in his musical efforts. He’s currently playing with Luke and Wesley Belknap, who are both involved in their own musical pursuits in Iowa. He toured last summer with Little Ruckus, playing solo stuff but always excited to strum along to Dom’s tunes with his acoustic guitar and sweat-power grin. In the past, he’s been so down for whatever that he picked up his trumpet and toured the country with Mumford’s. Something about Elliot’s spirit makes him a natural third or twelfth member to any band.

Please please please, listen to Elliot’s stories. There’s nothing but hits in his discography. From the oldies but goodies like “You Want to Fuck Her Again” and “Wine and Cheese” to literally any song on Lo-Fi Country for the Whole Family, you will find something – a single line or a chorus – that will resonate with you as entirely true. And if you drop him a line, Elliot will definitely play a show in your backyard or local pizza parlor or jungle gym. That’s what Lesbian Poetry is to me.
- from The Des Moines Music Coalition piece by Zoey Miller




Ep 23 - Song 3: "Merry Christmas" by Nuclear Rodeo

By the Powers of Greyskull, Nuclear Rodeo formed, toured, released albums, EPs, and love to party and treat people nice.
- from their Facebook page

David "Bobby Thunder H-Bomb" Olson: Drums, Hollering
Campbell "Candy Corn" DeSousa: Lead Vocals, Guitar, Gut Bustin'
Jordan "Finger Party Pompom" Mayland: Bass Guitar, Background Vocal Lovehammer, Sound Wizard
Phillip "Stun Baton Technology" Young: Guitar, Party Brigade
Steven "Mcgillicuddly" Rood: Drums, Life/Band Saving
Dustin "Bad to the Bone/Nice in the Heart" Harmsen: Guitar, Aux Percussion, Keys, Vox, moves



Ep 23 - Song 4: "Red Light Christmas" by Tuff Jerks

Steve Squires and I made this back in 2005. Christmas album for jerk teenagers.
- from their Bandcamp site

Steve Squires
Jason Hennesy


Ep 23 - Song 5: "What Did Santa Claus Bring You for Xmas" by The Law

Tim Johnson and Charlie Chesterman were in a 50s cover band know as the Flashbacks that didn't really go anywhere. They discovered this "new" British music called punk and decided to form a punk band. After going through a few member changes and a few name changes they became White Lunch. (Tim Johnson-Guitar/vocals, Charlie Chesterman-Guitar/vocals, Aaron Johnson-guitar/vocals, Eric Coleman - Drums) Played out a bit had member problems and broke up. Then became the Law. From what little information I could find this was around 79/80.

They put out a single and moved to Boston to hit the big time. Boston didn't work out and they moved back to Des Moines and split up shortly after that. Charlie Chesterman and Mac Stanfield went back to Boston and formed Scuffy the Cat. Tad Hutchinson headed off to college and on to play with the Fastbacks, Young Fresh Fellows and a number of other Seattle bands.
- from their Underground Archives page

Tim Johnson - guitar/vocals
Charlie Chesterman - guitar/vocals
Aaron Johnson - guitar/vocals
Eric Coleman - drums
Kevin Hensley - saxophone

Underground Archives:

Ep 23 - Song 6: "Hatin' on Christmas" by Lipstick Homicide

This song is from a punk rock benefit album, Punk the Hall, where 100% of the proceeds go to the Starlight Children's Foundation. You can order the album at

Lipstick Homicide emerged from the womb when 15 year old Rachel Feldmann met 16 year old Kate Kane and decided to form a band with 2 other ladies from their high school . When “The Whoopsie Daisies” didn’t work out as planned, they decided to join forces with Luke Ferguson from the extremely popular Iowa City band the Sequels. Feldmann and Kane share the songwriting duties, with a heavy focus on writing the catchiest songs possible, whether or not the lyrics make any sense. At least they’re good at pretending to make sense. We’re just 3 bff’s having fun, being as loud as we want, talking in 3rd person for biographical purposes, and not cleaning up our spilt pop.
- from their page

Rachel Feldmann - vocals, guitars
Kate Kane - bass, backing vocals
Luke Ferguson - drums

Home page:



Ep 23 - Song 7: "I Still Believe" by North of Grand

Thanks to North of Grand for letting me play this unreleased demo.

A Farewell To Rockets, the fifth album from Iowa’s North of Grand, marks the end of an era and the beginning of another. The band’s Brolester Records debut is a tribute of sorts to the Rocket Transfer Warehouse, the brick building NOG called home for a decade before being booted - so the structure in downtown Des Moines could be converted into condos. Rockets is also NOG’s first recording as a quartet. The addition of lead guitarist Matt Wellendorf has transformed the band from a somewhat simple, punk-pop trio into a fully-realized rock n roll machine...

Rockets displays North of Grand's knack for writing catchy, guitar-driven rock n roll, littered with powerful hooks and memorable lyrics. The nine songs, clocking in under 28 minutes, feature fist-in-the-air choruses, blistering solos and Thin Lizzyesque dualing guitars backed by a straight forward, hard-hitting rhythm section.
- from their Facebook page

Sean Wilson - vocals, guitar
Dan Ketelsen - bass
Pat Curtis - drums, backing vocals
Matt Wellendorf - lead guitar

As a bonus, here's a live version:




Sunday, December 20, 2015

Ep 22 - Song 1: "It's Christmas" by Enny Owl

Hello! My name is Enny Owl and I'm a British indie pop/folk singer songwriter living in the U.S.
- from her Facebook page

Hi, I'm Enny Owl, an indie pop/folk artist based in Sioux City, Iowa. I'm balancing studying mass communications during the day and gigging by night. It's hard to pinpoint that defining moment when I decided to pursue a career in music, it's like it's been embedded forever. My music combines cute and quirky lyrics with acoustics and occasional whistling. I imagine my songs one day playing for a cereal or orange juice advert.
- from her home page

Enny Owl - vocals, ukulele

Home page:



Ep 22 - Song 2: "Christmas with Keith" by Jason Hennesy

In a perfect alternative universe, Jason Hennesy is the King of Pop, only without the jesus juice, unattended minor boys, pet chimp and hyperbaric chamber.
- from a Little Village album review by Kent Williams

Jason Hennesy - vocals, guitar

Jason Hennesy's band, Miracles of God, on Facebook:

Jason Hennesy's band, Tuff Jerks, on Bandcamp:

Ep 22 - Song 3: "Kiki Xmas Song" by Kate Kane

Well, I could gush on about Kate again like I have before. But she's a part of the Iowa City music scene. Currently running Bloated Kat Records. Until recently, she hosted and organized Underground Open Mic at the Iowa City Yacht Club. Plus, she's the guitarist and a singer, as well as occasional songwriter, for Lipstick Homicide. And she still keeps a solo career going, featuring songs about witches, cats, as well as nerdy stuff like Buffy and Xena!

Kate Kane - vocals, guitar



Ep 22 - Song 4: "Better than Santa Claus" by Tina Haase Findlay

Thanks to Tina for getting me this tune before the album came out!

Blues, rock and soul meets jazz, jam and gospel- with theatre, jingles, ragtime and whatever the heck we feel like throwing in!
- from "Tina, fearless leader" on Facebook

Tina Haase Findlay - vocals
Bryan Martens - piano

Diva and the Deacons Facebook page:

Tina Haase Findlay on ReverbNation:

Bella Soul on ReverbNation:

Ep 22 - Song 5: "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" by Bryan Baker (Kaklick Martin)

Bryan Baker (Kaklick Martin) is a metaverse musician: A singer/songwriter performing in, and writing songs about, the virtual world known as Second Life®. Bryan’s avatar Kaklick took the stage in Second Life® for the first time back in late 2005, so he is among the longest running performers in Second Life® and was an early evangelist for the live music scene there.

Since that time he’s written several songs about or inspired by some aspect of his virtual existence with subjects ranging from virtual relationships to bugs that plague this tech dependent world. Two of these songs made it on to “Roadhouse Ranch and Saloon”; where honkey-tonk meets the metaverse. “Big Bad World” takes on more real life social commentary. Both albums were released in 2007. 2009 saw the release of Mr. Lincoln a more eclectic mix of rock idioms and themes. 2010 brought the zombiepocalypse or at least the new single "Zombie Love Song (If Anyone Eats My Brains)" a tender love song about brains. In 2012 he followed the single up with an album of his nerdiest material, including an album version of "Zombie Love Song" called "Yeah, I'm a Geek".

Bryan has been writing music since his childhood, but got serious in high school. Originally intending on a path that would have taken him to Berklee School of Music in the early 80s as a bassist, he was offered the chance to try out a musician's life straight out of high school and he hired on as a bass player in a lounge outfit of no consequence in the twin cities area. When this came to an end a few months later he returned to Iowa and joined a new-wave outfit called "The Keyz" based in Ames. They played some great shows to appreciative fans, but this didn't last either. By this time he'd started studying at Iowa State, initially in music, then migrating to theatre and eventually graduating in that field.

In 1987 he moved to California and started a full ride to the prestigious California Institute of the Arts as a composer/sound designer for theatre. He was the first MFA to graduate in that specialty in 1989. He did some freelancing in LA, at one time garnering a comparison to Brian Eno in the LA Times for his work on a play he did with the writer of the TV show "Life Goes On".

For several years he concentrated on other aspects of his life, and his career path led him to work on show control for many high profile entertainment venues, but he kept writing and playing music. In 2004 he started seriously recording and writing again and has been going full steam since.
- from his home page

Bryan Baker - vocals, guitar

Home page:



Ep 22 - Song 6: "Winter Blues" by Jinnouchi Power

This isn't really a holiday song, but it is about winter, sorta. And somebody - I forgot to write their name down, being the professional that I am - but somebody requested it. so here it is!

Jinnouchi Power is the brainchild of Patrick MacCready, and a musical interpretation of his soul. The spectrum of sound travels from Folk and Blues to Rock and Psychedelic.

This whole thing started in High School, during the summer of my Freshman year. The world was in turmoil as Hell had risen upward and consumed most of the of the town I called home. My dear friend Gage Fisk had decided to quit playing in metal bands and began to experiment with acoustic guitars. It was then, as I was watching him play simple chord progressions that I decided it was time for me to learn simple chord progressions, and before I knew it I was practicing almost 5 hours a day, the other 19 hours spent chivalrously saving damsels from demon sacrifices and ritualistic murders. Several Memorial Building shows later, we had a few good jams under our belt and destroyed the music underworld as the dynamic folk duo We're Just Humans. Soon afterwards, at the height of our screaming success, we both fell in love with the same woman. In a world controlled by chaos we were so used to, we had finally found something strong enough to tear us apart. It was then, when I sat down on the worn out couch in the living room next to Gage, and told him that I had kissed his girl, that the entire fabric of reality split.

It was then that we fought to the death.

After flying through parallel universes much different than our own, beating each other with all the power and knowledge that we had so carefully gained up to that point, we had finally reached the end. In a universe that I still to this day can not quite describe, filled only with hatred and a feeling in your gut like all your dreams had been stolen from you, and surrounded by the screams of 1000 helpless cries, Gage Fisk had his sword aimed at my throat. This was certainly the end. I could not bear to think that this had all been the result of my lust, and the pain of losing my best friend in the process was to much to even conceive.

It was then I let out what I thought to be my final words. I said, "Gage, I know what I have done, and I know how much I hurt you, but I did it out of love, not jealousy or hatred, but love. I know this will not right the wrongs that I did but know this, I am sorry, and it is truly you that I love. Thank you." A long pause came over him after this, followed only by, "I forgive you. But you can't be in the band anymore." The power of his forgiveness was enough not only to bring us back to Earth, but also close the portal behind us, also, trapping within the Hellfires that had ravaged our small Iowa town that previous year.

Peace had finally come back to Pella, Iowa.

After that, everything was good again, and best friends remained best friends through thick and thin crust. I was on my own, so after meeting a great man who appeared to me as a "saint," and changed my life for the better, I dubbed the name of my solo music project "St. George."

Gage still lives in Pella, and still makes music under the title We're Just Humans. The whole story is true. Look it up.
- from their Facebook page

Carolyn Thorn - Backup Vocals, Thundertube, Designated Papers-haver
Sean Bremhorst - Lead Guitar, Noodles, Harmonica
Reed Iverson - Drums, Positive Vibes, Regular Vibes, Vibes
Forest Cochran - Bass Guitar, Childlike Karate Noises, Beard
Patrick MacCready - Never Knowing What's Going On, Rhythm Baby Making
Cameron Van Berkum of Noremac McCarth - Drums




Thursday, December 17, 2015

Ep 21 - Song 1: "Greensleeves" by Jonny Lipford

Jonny Lipford is an award-winning instrumentalist who specializes in music produced with the Native American style flute and various world flutes crafted using wood and bamboo. His movements and melodies on the wooden flutes are done with such grace and agility; one can’t help but be engaged in his music.

He started playing the wooden flute at age 13 and is widely known for adding a contemporary and invigorating flare to a music scene consisting of mostly traditional and relaxing music. His debut album, Transitions, created a trend for his artistry and his second release, Cross Roads, put him on the map as a musician to carefully watch. Since then, Lipford has released several more albums; each gaining popularity amongst the public and music industry professionals. He's a well-decorated artist for being one of the youngest in his industry - truly a versatile flutist and can adapt to any genre of music with an ease that’s unique. However, he is also a musician that knows his heart and artistry to which his artistry remains true.

Lipford is currently working on new music, touring the United States and Canada, teaching the art of playing the Native American style flute to students of all levels and continuing to build his fan base across the globe.

The future for Jonny Lipford, his music and his fans looks very promising. Lipford is a very hard-working individual whose passion lights the way for future projects, fan engagement, touring and producing music. Keep your eyes on this multi-talented artist; great things are happening.
- - from his home page

Jonny Lipford - flutes, keyboards, synthesizers

Home page:



Ep 21 - Song 2:"Silent Night/O Holy Night" by Juan Lively and Lee Jones

I am a native of Cleveland,Ohio now living in Omaha,NE . I am also the former lead singer of the r&b group The Dazzband .I am currently a singer songwriter and producer as well as a live performing entertainer . I have a top 40 show of r&b/pop music.
- from his Facebook page

Juan Lively - vocals
Alfonzo Lee Jones - vocals

Facebook page:


Ep 21 - Song 3: "Nutcracker Suite" by Jim McDonough and His Orchestra & Singers

Jim McDonough began selling his distinctive brand of soothing piano music in gift shops near his hometown of Monticello in eastern Iowa just six years ago. Today, his fourteen CDs are available in nearly 1000 stores across the country and via his Web site, His Christmas concert tour -- complete with a 14-piece orchestra, a cast of singers and dancers, and an on-stage snowfall -- has become a holiday tradition for thousands of families across the Midwest, and his music has caught the attention of fans from coast to coast. Through his independent record label, Jim McDonough Productions, Inc., the International Steinway Concert & Recording Artist has already sold more than 200,000 CDs...
- from his Facebook page

The youngest of four children, Jim McDonough was born in Monticello, Iowa (population: 3,600). When Jim was seven years old, his mother grew too busy to continue taking piano lessons, so Jim stepped in to fill the spot. And he discovered a talent and love for music that propelled him into a career as a professional musician.

The night before Jim left for college, a friend who dabbled in recording asked if Jim would let him record a few songs. Jim pushed aside his suitcases and sat at the piano, plinking out a few favorite tunes.

He didn't think of the impromptu recording session again - until his family visited him at school with the news that his tape was being sold all over his hometown of Monticello. Jim parlayed the success of that first tape into a second, holiday-themed tape.

Jim graduated from Wartburg College in Iowa with a degree in Music Education, and he took a job as band director for the senior high school in Waukon, Iowa. After a year, he was offered a position at a larger school in LaPorte City, Iowa, and found himself directing two concert bands, two jazz bands, and offering private lessons.

Thrilled to be involved with music, but unimpressed with the politics of teaching, Jim decided to pursue a non-musical career -- as long as he could continue playing piano as a hobby.

Far from home -- and from his beloved Steinway -- Jim found himself spending his off-hours lingering at piano stores, pretending to be considering a purchase and playing as much as he could. "Music was what defined me, and I had given it up," Jim says. "It was who I was, and it had almost entirely vanished from my life."

In the summer of 2000, Jim was contacted about a job playing piano on a cruise ship. He auditioned -- over the phone! -- and was offered a two-week fill-in gig. The only catch: they needed someone immediately. Could he be on a plane at 6:30 the next morning? He decided that it was an opportunity he couldn't pass up, so he used his vacation from the air traffic center to give it a try. He loved every minute of it, and was quickly offered a full-time job on the largest cruise ship in the world.

So, after two years as an air traffic controller, Jim decided to dive headfirst into playing piano professionally. For more than two years, he performed on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines in piano lounges, during cocktail hours, and in an 1,800-seat dining room. "I went from the most stressful job in the world -- literally -- to the least stressful job in the world," he says.

On break from the cruise line, Jim recorded his first CD, Requests, which he sold to passengers when he returned to the ship. Dry land eventually beckoned, and in 2002, he moved back to Monticello to concentrate on producing and distributing his music. In Fall 2003, he released his second album, a collection of holiday favorites called Home for Christmas.

Since then, Jim has produced fifteen more CDs...
- from his home page

Home page:


Extra - "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" and "What Are You Doing on New Year's Eve" by Max Wellman

I can't put this on the podcast because I can't get the rights from the composer, but I like it, so I'm putting it on the blog at least!

Jazz vocalist Max Wellman is enticing music lovers across the country by evoking his own fusion of the vintage stylings of legends Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald with the modern twists of Harry Connick Jr. and Michael Buble. His latest endeavor, You Must Believe in Spring (December 2013), brings these influences to a new level with a unique collaboration featuring a string quartet led by the talented arrangements of renowned composer Sam Wells. The album showcases a refreshing mix of jazz with the romantic and classical musical traditions of the Great American Songbook.

This young showman from Des Moines doesn’t balk at you calling him an “old soul.” And, he didn’t become the polished performer he is overnight. In fact, it’s the Renaissance Man aspect of Wellman – elbow grease and a thirst for knowledge in spades – that makes him a sound and sight to behold. He’s a vocalist. An arranger. A writer. An entrepreneur. His musicianship is a vehicle for the entire package.
- from his home page

Max Wellman - vocals, piano

Home page:


Ep 21 - Song 4: "Here We Come A'Wassailing" by Seedlings

A group of friends who really, really like playing music together. We plan on doing whatever we can to bring you something pleasant. Harmonies? Got 'em. Banjo? Done. Love you? Forever.
- from their Bandcamp page

We think that playing music is one thing we can do together and share with the world.

Kinda makes you dance. Kinda makes you smile.
- from their Facebook page

Danny Heggen
Mallory Heggen
Ryan Stier
Nels Dovre
Connor Moore



Ep 21 - Song 5: "Carol of the Bells" by Billy Catone

Billy recorded this especially for this podcast.

Playing Music for 15 years, Fixing guitars for five years, and teaching music theory and guitar playing for three years.
- from his Facebook page

I'm Billy Catone. I've been playing guitars for over 15 years, and I've always maintained a variety of musical styles, everything from guitar interpretations of classical pieces such as Moonlight Sonata and Silent Night, to classic rock like ZZ Top and George Thorogood, up to 80's thrash such as Metallica and Slayer, all the way to modern metal like Bullet For My Valentine and Lamb of God.
- from his business page

Billy Catone - guitar


Business page:

Ep 21 - Song 6: "Here on Christmas" by The Dennis Wayne Gang

The Dennis Wayne Gang not only brings the great cover music you want in a premium live band but also brings the balance of talent and a social media awareness. The energetic Southern Rock Country band that keeps you actively moving and celebrating while creating the atmosphere for good times. Find the latest in modern and classical country rock, plus rock & roll performances that keep the temp going, slow song ballads for dancing and overall music and fun.
- from their Facebook page

The Dennis Wayne Gang is unique mix of musicians that play both cover and original music that spans from the most recent popular rock to some high paced country. Adding in 15 yr old Savannah Jane DeGroote creates yet another dimension to the groups broad flavor for the fans of DWG.
- from their ReverbNation page

Dennis Halverson - lead vocals, guitar
Elvin Johnson - lead guitar, vocals
Brandon Mills - bass, vocals
Mike Linsey - drums
Savannah Jane DeGroote - guest vocals



Ep 21 - Song 7: "Zimstange" by Michael Martin

Five years ago, Martin could hardly play his acoustic guitar. Recently he began to focus on songwriting and improving his guitar playing and singing.

“I used to play open mic. nights at the late, lamented Boheme — now Mother’s — in Ames. I met like-minded people there and started jamming with them,” Martin said. “It was a whole new world compared to the stay-at-home-and-play-to-the-cats-in-your-basement mode. Then I found students in my landscape architecture department who shared my interests, and we began playing ‘guerrilla gigs’ last fall in the atrium of the Design building. Eventually, Cup of Tea was formed, which is me and three [landscape architecture] students. I’m the old man of the band by far.”...

Encouraging students to play music and sing is one of his unique teaching qualities.

“I think it’s important because it gives everyone a chance to do something they wouldn’t normally be able to do in other places. It gives them a place to express themselves. When Boheme closed, I had to find somewhere else to do that,” Martin said.

Martin said he never gets bored with his everyday life.

“With teaching, things never get old. There are new projects and new people all of the time. With music, it’s constantly changing and growing and getting developed further, too,” Martin said.

Despite having a busy work schedule, Martin never forgets about his ultimate passion: songwriting and playing music.

“I love music whole-heartedly and also really love the design of things,” Martin said. “I just get lost in it. But it’s a more solitary endeavor, like songwriting. There’s really no parallel in the act of designing with that synergy that sometimes occurs while playing or singing with others. When that synergy makes something happen that never existed before … it’s the greatest thing in the universe.”
- from an Iowa State Daly article by John Lonsdale

Michael Martin - 2 guitars, mandolin, tambourine

Micheal Martin on SoundCloud:

Michael Martin's band Virginia Creeper on Facebook:

Michael Martin's band Lawnchairs on Facebook:

Iowa Music Showcase theme (Christmas version) by Dylan Boyle

Dylan Boyle's existence manifests as a giant ball of negativity, covered by too much hair, slowly receding into the inevitable skullet.

Drawing inspiration from early blues, surrealist film and existential philosophy, Dylan is a solo blues artist, guitarist, writer and curator of what has been called "the worst Instagram account on the internet."

Dylan has released two solo full-length albums, "648 19th St." and "N.F.7.D.", and the full-length "Too Lonesome to Cry," with Peace, Love and Stuff.

Born and raised in Burlington, Iowa, Dylan stepped into music playing saxophone - which he was pretty terrible at - before starting to play guitar in middle school. Dylan played guitar in the Burlington High School Jazz Ensemble - which he was pretty terrible at - until moving to Ames, Iowa after graduation to pursue a degree and career in journalism - which he was pretty terrible at, but won a few student media awards for, which is more than he can say about his saxophone career.

After moving to Ames in the fall of 2007, Dylan formed Max Power and the Freeman Threemen with people on his dorm floor, which spawned the blues act The Most Handsome Duo in the World, with David Smit. MHD went on to win the 2010 Iowa Blues Challenge and perform in the 2011 International Blues Challenge in Memphis. During that time, David and Dylan joined the rockabilly-pop group Peace, Love and Stuff, which Dylan still plays guitar with. Shortly after graduating Iowa State University with a pretty unpromising journalism degree, Dylan joined Mumford's as its touring guitarist for two national tours alongside Fairfield's Utopia Park. Dylan returned to Ames and fronted the blues band Risky Revival, while recording Peace, Love and Stuff's first full-length album "Too Lonesome to Cry."

Risky Revival slowed down shows in 2013, and in 2014, Dylan and Adam Brimeyer formed Electric Jury, with the sole intent of stealing The Night Owls - Caleb Swank and Vedran Surlan - from Holly Figueroa, but not really because they still play with her too, but their exceptional abilities as a rhythm section were too powerful to contain in just one act. Although founded as a blues act, Electric Jury quickly redirected its sound to a progressive band, drawing on inspirations from Swans, Pink Floyd and King Crimson. Electric Jury is currently putting finishing touches on an EP, due out in fall of 2015, and a full-length album, expected for late 2015 or early 2016, with producer Phil Young.

In 2015, Dylan also joined Mumford's as their lead guitarist.

Over the last few years, Dylan has also worked as a sell sword backing songwriters like Dan Tedesco, Courtney Krause and Damon Dotson, as well as working as a studio musician.

After moving to Des Moines, Dylan began working with improviser Betsy Soukup to create improvised scores to silent films, curated by Blake Fisher, of the Center for Image and Spatial Politics. Inspired by Alejandro Jodorowsky, Dominic Rabalais and Chris Burden, Dylan developed an interest in video art and started making Instagrams - which he is pretty terrible at.
- from his Facebook page

Dylan Boyle - guitar
Stolen from sound effects records by Dan OlderMusicGeek - bells




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