Saturday, September 26, 2015

Ep 16 - Song 1: "What I'm Searchin For" by Lipstick Homicide

"One thing that I love about female-fronted pop punk is that it strips away any misogyny that shows up in male-oriented songs about relationships. The Screeching Weasels and Queers of the three chord world are usually throwing the blame of failure onto the shoulders of women while skirting any responsibility of their own. Lipstick Homicide is completely aware of this unheard perspective and manages to stay honest—as opposed to falling in with—the same tactics of the male counterpart. This three-piece out of Iowa is very lyrically driven and showcase themes of insecurity, self-motivation, and success over a strong and clean rock’n’roll guitar, bubbly bass, and snappy drums that never overshadow Kate and Rachel’s vocal melodies. Musically, they never get as harsh as their lyrics and hold on to a sweet, poppy sound throughout the album. This record is great for summertime listening after you’ve dumped your boyfriend for not being awesome enough. And as an added bonus, super rad album artwork from Tom Lowell!"
 – from Kayla Greet at Bloated Kat

"Cute little play on words there for the title of this release. ;-) My love for this band Lipstick Homicide knows no bounds. After seeing them raging full on @ Bar 702 a while back, in support of this album, playing a bunch of songs from it, like opening track This Time For Real, as well as Full Throttle and So Happy For You, well, I was immediately smitten by their sugar sweet Pop Punk sound, and I bought all that I could from them after their set was over, and this remarkable release was in that group of swag I walked off with. Out Utero perfectly captures the bands hook filled, bouncy brainwashing beat sound. These songs will get stuck in your head for days! This band has the most incredibly catchy sound I've ever heard since Green Day's 39/Smooth album. They're really that good. The sugary sweet vocals cut through the buzz saw wall of guitar sound nicely, and the drumming is tight, creative, and fast, with a good overall sound, which is important with music like this. 4/4 on the beat compliments the ferocious roar nicely and I dare you to not sing or dance around to anything on this disc. I dare you. Besides the aforementioned tracks, check out Doing Nothing, I Don't Wanna Be Here Anymore, and my favorite track on here, Like This Forever. Le swoon! I wish I knew more about this band, but I don't, but all I can tell you is that if you're a fan of the Ramones, the Queers, Teenage Bottlerocket, or whatever Pop Punk band you're infatuated with, then you will DEFINITELY love Lipstick Homicide. Seek and consume this record all at once and as fast as you can, sort of like Pixie Stix, then just sit back and enjoy the sugar rush. ;-)"
- from

"And then there’s that sound, ably captured by Luke Tweedy at Flat Black. I don’t know if it’s the guitars, the amplifiers or the attitude, but Lipstick Homicide has a distinctive roar that just feels good on the ears. Luke Ferguson’s frantic, chaotic drumming perfectly compliments the sustained riffing. Rachel Feldmann’s voice is remarkable for what she doesn’t do—no yelps, screams, growls, just a unaffected vocal tone that still cuts through the sonic mayhem around it. Out Utero is pure, sensual, loud, unsubtle, exciting music that proves both punk’s staying power, and Lipstick Homicide’s authoritative mastery of the form."
- from Kent Williams on the Little Village website

Rachel Feldmann - vocals, bass
Kate Kane - guitars, vocals
Luke Ferguson - drums




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