Saturday, August 1, 2015

Ep 14 - Song 1: "Takin' It Back" by Lipstick Homicide

"Ever since Lipstick Homicide started I was a fan. I saw them play as high schoolers when their folks had to bring them to shows so they could be in the bar, and they would have to be done by 10.

"Over the years they have mastered their craft and are as good as any pop punk band out there. They've toured the states and Europe. They've played with all kinds of acts on all levels even opening for Green Day in New York.

"When it comes to recording they are also masters of the game and punk as fuck. We made "Out Utero" in 3 days total (for recording, mixing and mastering).

"I love working with all 3 of them in Lip Ho and their other projects and hope I get to continue for as long as I make records."
- from Luke Tweedy for Public School Records, who has worked on many of Lipstick Homicide's records

Rachel Feldmann - vocals, bass
Kate Kane - vocals, guitars
Luke Ferguson - drums




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