Sunday, June 28, 2015

Ep 12 - Song 5: "La La (Shut Up)" by Lipstick Homicide

I just want to apologize for the awful sound quality. You can hear it better here - - Dan OlderMusicGeek

"The movie is the 'Resist Evil' trilogy. And we're in the first one. One of the characters, Samantha, is in a band. And we play the band. She's in Lipstick Homicide. And she's our singer in the band... And there's a scene where we're all in the garage having practice. And I have a line. It was pretty great... It was like 'I'll see you in science class!'

"And we recorded a song that's going to be on the soundtrack. And it's in the movie. And it was written by Jason Hennesy from The Miracles of God. And we're pretty honored to play the song. And it was fun."
- Rachel Feldmann on "Live from 380"

"I love Lipstick Homicide. I also shot this video for them - and Zach and I at Public School Records helped put out one of their records. Rachel played bass for Miracles of God at a few of our shows when she was still just a kid and Kate sang on some of my songs on this record:"
- Jason Hennesy, songwriter of "La La (Shut Up)" for this podcast

Rachel Howell - lip syncing
Rachel Feldmann - bass, vocals
Kate Kane - guitars, vocals
Luke Ferguson - drums

"Dropping Evil" on IMDb:

"Dropping Evil" trailer on YouTube:

"La La (Shut Up)" on MySpace:

Lipstick Homicide on Facebook:

Lipstick Homicide on Bandcamp:

The YouTube video Jason Hennesy did for Lipstick Homicide:

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