Sunday, June 28, 2015

Ep 12 - Song 2: "Pop Star" by The Whoopsie Daisies

"Well, it actually started way back in West High School... Me and our guitarist, Kate, have been friends for a long time. And we wanted to start, like. a fun girly band. I don't know! We were just really obsessed with girl bands and stuff and wanted to try starting one. But I don't know! We were The Whoopsie Daisies with two other girls."
- Rachel Feldmann from KRUI's Live from 380

"Kate and I wanted to start a band together in high school when we realized we both loved and knew how to play all the songs from the movie Josie and the Pussycats. We were really into that pop punk girl band vibe and enlisted the best bass player we knew, Rachel, for the endeavor. It was really fun to be in a band with close friends. We were very silly and free-spirited. We listened to each other's ideas and tried to always incorporate them all. We played together every day and started writing originals and playing as Lipstick Homicide around Iowa City. Rachel and Kate are both amazing singers, players and song-writers. They are very dedicated to music as a craft and performance. Luke was a great addition to the band. I've never met a more enthusiastic or fun drummer. He had so many fantastic ideas that really set the band up for success. Even as high schoolers and later college freshmen, we all really put the band first. They've done some amazing things over the years and always managed to keep the original enthusiasm and friendship that made Lipstick Homicide click."
 - Parisa-Ozra Jamileh Saghah, a member of The Whoopsie Daisies and Lipstick Homicide, for this podcast

Rachel Feldmann - bass/vocals
Kate Kane - guitar/vocals
Parisa Saghah - guitar/vocals
Pamela Eubanks - drums

Parisa is not in a band that I know of, but she is an actress and has the following websites:



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