Saturday, June 13, 2015

Ep 11 - Song 2: "Fleshlike Material" by Mumford's

"I’ve only ever heard them do this song a handful of times live, but I love it. There’s a lot going on in the song musically, and the lyrics are heartbreaking and funny all at once, which is such a weird feeling. And that apocalyptic ending..."
- Bryon Dudley for this podcast

"Mumford's began as a solo project in the summer of 2008 and has expanded into a wild freak-folk storyteller dance band with a horn section. The songs always have a strong emphasis on storytelling and character development and use a variety of voices and instrumentation to bring across specific characters and circumstances."
- from their Facebook page


Nate Logsdon - vocals, guitar, piano, horns
James Doxon - percussion, vocals
Kate Kennedy - alto sax, clarinet, accordion, vocals, more 
Kai Tanaka - lead guitar
Chris Lyng- bass
Donny Peterson - tenor sax
Paul Hertz - bass trombone
Brian "Wild Man" Stout - tuba, trombone, cornet
Erich Sneller - alto sax
Dave Atchison - aux percussion
Little Ruckus - vocals, human body
J Parry - percussion, art
Lesbian Poetry - trumpet, vocals
Jens Hoifeldt - trumpet
Patrick "Patch" Jasper - alto sax
Jose - drums
Dylan Boyle - guitar

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