Saturday, April 11, 2015

Ep 8 - Song 9: "I Wanna Be in a Band" by Fire Signs

"Fire Signs is a family band that includes twenty-year-old Gabriel Basile on drums, his mother Monica Basile on bass, and her husband Jonathan Hansen on guitar. “We love making music as a family,” Monica says. “I feel like we really understand each other well, and it’s easy to get into sync with each other.” Gabriel used to be a regular at the after-school program run by United Action for Youth, whose downtown Iowa City facility has a professional recording studio. "I think it’s great that they have a music studio,' says Jonathan, 'because the behind-the-scenes of making music is still elusive to most people. When kids get to see how a studio works early on, I think it can change their attitude towards culture. It helps them understand, from a young age, that being a cultural producer—as opposed to only being a consumer—is a reasonable and attainable goal. UAY caters to kids who are right at the age when this kind of lesson is most resonant and important.” We hope that For Kids and By Kids will have a similar positive effect."
- From the liner notes


Gabriel Basile -drums, vocals
Monica Basile - bass, vocals
Jonathan Hansen - guitar, vocals

Fire Signs do not have a web site.

Gabriel Basile's band Bass/Drum:

Gabriel Basile's band The Projectors:

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