Saturday, March 28, 2015

Ep 7 - Song 2: "I am Love" by Hath No Fury

"Hath No Fury wasn’t just some rock band to me.

"Hath No Fury was my broken heart. Hath No Fury was lost and gained friendships. Hath No Fury was overcoming stage fright. Hath No Fury was taking those first, absolutely terrifying steps towards love. Hath No Fury was pages of scribbled words and hours of feeling fingertips pressed to strings, pressed to wood, gaining callouses, gaining soul. Hath No Fury was love. It was MY love.

"The idea to start a band came to me one night when I was brokenhearted, crying on my kitchen floor, contemplating smashing my beloved guitar. I wasn’t brokenhearted over some boy. No. I was brokenhearted because I just could NOT sing the way I wanted to. I didn’t know how. I couldn’t do it on my own. I didn’t understand. (Part of the problem was simply that I was beating myself up too much to relax and enjoy myself, but it took a couple more years to figure that one out.) Hath No Fury gave me a confidence, and capability, that I did not have before.

"I was happy to get to play music with three incredibly talented men while we were together. The fun, fierceness, and buoyancy that Brian Olson, Jay Corigliano, and Andrew Wightman brought to the table was great.

"There are still profiles up in places for Hath No Fury, but we are no longer an active band as of June, 2014. My current band is called The Spartan Blue and is even more of everything I wanted in a band."
- from Jen Allen's Queen of the Sea blog

Jen Allen - Vox, Guitar
Brian Olson - Electric Guitar
Andrew Wightman - Bass
Jay Corigliano - Drummer

Sidenote: The video for this song features Iowa couples who submitted their pictures after Jen Allen put out a request. And, yes, yours truly and my wife are on there!



The Spartan Blue-


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