Sunday, March 15, 2015

Ep 6 - Song 7: "Red is the Rose" by Sarah Hobart

"Sarah is a brilliant musician and educator living in Central Iowa. She is a versatile singer who accompanies herself using an instrument rooted in the folk tradition; the dulcimer. Sarah delights audiences with her clear and lovely vocals, her inspired choice in music, and her ability to pull listeners into far off worlds, whether it be ancient Ireland or modern-day New Orleans...

"From her website: Sarah Hobart discovered a love of her ancestral Irish folk music while distracting herself from her studies in opera in college. She now writes original music as well as exploring the rich cultural heritage of Celtic, Apalachian, and other World musics. Her vocal qualities range from powerful to ethereal, enhanced by the enchanting sounds of her lap dulcimer..."
- from a Facebook event

All vocals - Sarah Hobart


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